SWU Base V3

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Highly inspired by Nukude's and Nikoreda's Protogen models while based on Cool niku's Protogen species

This model was primarily done for the Video Game Toaster Arena as a replacement of it's previous NKD models

Proportions and armature are similar due to that


Avatar World : https://vrchat.com/home/launch?worldId=wrld_3163c8fb-0e47-4e16-9b1a-3f34afc34a2a



  • Unity Package File with an avatar preset ready to publish to VRChat
  • Blender File with all the used models separated into groups
  • Blender File with a VRChat ready setup
  • Substance Painter files
  • Template Textures

|What's New|

  • New head skull body part
  • UV improvements
  • Geometry Improvements
  • Texture improvements
  • Animation Rig was removed due to reported export related problems


  • Terms That You Accept On Purchase.
  • Files are bound to receive updates
  • I take no responsibility for any negligent use of the base and assets
  • Terms of service may or may not change
  • This is a digital product and not refundable
  • By buying this you agree to having knowledge in blender and required programs to work with the base
  • Base was primarily made to work with Unreal Engine but can be used on VRChat and other platforms


Both parties must own the base if commissions are performed

|You are not allowed|

  • Claim this base and package contents as your own
  • Share/distribute the files or sell the model/files
  • Take credit for the creation of this base and contents

|You are allowed|

  • Personal use of the base
  • Make and sell assets for the base as long as the original files are not included
  • Make public avatars for any platform and share them with anyone


Protogen Species Creator : @CoolKoinu

Huge thanks for community contributions

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Blend file with multiple customization options, sample textures

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SWU Base V3

109 ratings
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